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About Us



Anatpath is a dedicated specialist diagnostic histopathology practice founded in 1997. Its raison d'être has and remains to be a wholly owned medical pathologist practice with emphasis on high quality.


Our Doctors

Dr David Machet F.R.C.P.A

Dr Glenn Hocking F.R.C.P.A
Dr Maxine Scelwyn F.R.C.P.A

Dr Cleve Magree F.R.C.P.A

Dr Roger Sinclair F.R.C.P.A

Dr John Dowling F.R.C.P.A


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Where We Are

Main Centre & Laboratory
120 Gardenvale Road
Gardenvale  Vic, 3185

Ph: (03) 9596 0777
(03) 9596 7766

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Frankston Rooms

Ph: (03) 9770 9955
(03) 9770 9855